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Ethical considerations

Based on:
This journal uses double-blind review policy.
Duties for authors
Soundness and relability
Authors should:
- Report research that uses appropriate methods of data collection, analysis and display
- Take responsibility for their work and content of publication
Authors are asked to:
- Clearly present their research methodology and findings such as replications could be easily conducted by other researchers
- Use citations and quotations when referring to the work of other authors
- Not copy references from other publications if those publications weren"t consulted
Authors should:
- Present the findings in the context of previous research that must be objectively presented even if it doesn"t support the proposed hypothesis.
- Acknowledge and present the study limitations
Authors must:
- Guarantee that their work is entirely original and has not been published elsewhere
- Prove they asked appropriate permission when including materials such as figures, extensive quotations or questionnaires
- Guarantee that they properly acknowledge all the publications that influenced the presented research
- Inform editors if findings have been published previously and provide them copies of the related publications
Authors are asked to:
- Disclose any relevant information such as financial support or nonfinancial interests that might influence the results or their interpretation
Appropriate authorship and acknowledgment
- Major contributors to the presented work should be listed as co-authors while others who made less substantial contributions should be listed as contributors in an acknowledgment section.
- Only individuals who substantially contributed to the work should be listed as co-authors.
- All authors should approve and agree to the submission for publication
- The corresponding author should act as a point of contact between the editor and other authors
Accountability and responsibility
Authors are expected to:
- Take responsibility for the work submitted for publication
- Respond in a timely manner to editor or publisher and correct their work if errors detected
Adherence to peer review and publication conventions
Authors must:
- Refrain from submitting the article to other publications while it is considered for the present journal
- Inform the editor if they decide to withdraw their work
Responsible reporting of research involving humans or animals
If the research is conducted on animal or human subjects, the authors should specify in the paper that the reported research received approval and was carried out in an ethical manner. Also, authors must respect the privacy rights of human subjects by not disclosing identifiable individual data.

Duties for peer reviewers
Peer reviewers are expected to:
- Respect the confidentiality of the peer review process and not reveal any details of the manuscript
- Conduct reviews in an objective and constructive manner
- Notify the editor if feeling that he/she does not have subject expertise required to carry out the assessment

Duties for editors
Editors are expected to:
- Make sure that all published articles have been reviewed by qualified reviewers
- Publish guidance to authors on the entire submission process
- Publish submission and acceptance dates for articles
- Provide guidance to reviewers
- Take all reasonable steps to ensure the quality of the material they publish